Selling Safety to the Front Line

Pat tailors his stories and messages to front line employees. Stories from his experience as a front line employee and supervisor highlight the employee’s responsibility for safety within the work community.

Pat emphasizes three key points:

1. It’s better to be good than lucky.

2. Make safety a habit.

3. You are “safety.”

You Are Safety

See Something, Say Something

This is the second time in three years that we have had Patrick here at our facility. Patrick is very talented and his passion for safety is evident in his message. I would highly recommend Patrick to other safety program directors. His message is clear and provides the audience with the tools to implement See Something, Say Something.

— Scott

Patrick is easy to listen to and I feel like he can relate to my situation. His experiences tell me that he knows exactly the kinds of obstacles that I face each time I see something and should say something

— Rick

Patrick’s presentation was just as captivating this time as it was when he was here 2 years ago. I really enjoyed listening to his presentation and appreciate his real-life experiences.

— Tim

Pat also speaks on these topics:

  • Selling Safety to Upper Management - Target Audience - Safety professionals with responsibility for influencing leadership - Pat describes how to use the "safety drivers" to tailor your message. Learn how to have a "Strategic Safety" conversation with upper management.

  • It's All in the Presentation - Techniques to Enhance Your Presentation Skills - Target Audience - Operations managers, supervisors and safety professionals. Pat shares his speaking techniques to help you enhance your public speaking skills with a focus on what you say, how you say it and how you look when you say it. Includes tips on effectively using PowerPoint.

  • See Something, Say Something - Target Audience - front line employees, supervisors and safety professionals. Pat provides the encouragement and the "know-how" to speak up when you see a hazard or at-risk behavior. Learn how to have a See-Say conversation.    

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