The ABC Rule, Allies Build Careers... and they help you get things done

I hear it often from safety managers. “I’m a team of one and I barely have enough time to put out the daily fires much less do anything proactive.” Does this sound familiar? If so, then the ABC Rule may be for you. I learned the ABC Rule from my first Safety Director at Delta Air Lines, Jim Swartz. Allies Build Careers and they help you get things done. You’ve heard it before. Anyone who ever accomplished anything significant had lots of help from a support group. Those are your allies. An ally is someone who you form a relationship or connection with, but not necessarily the one you lean on when you are in a pinch. An ally may be an informal leader on the shop floor or an hourly employee wh

My 8 Gallon Pin, How the American Red Cross Keeps Me Engaged

I’ve been giving blood through the American Red Cross for a long time. I’m in pretty good health and feel fortunate that I am able to give. The cool thing is that the Red Cross doesn’t take me for granted. They engage me in a way that shows appreciation for my efforts and my contribution to their mission to “alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.​” And it keeps me coming back! Here’s how The American Red Cross has engaged me: They thank me specifically in person immediately after donating and via email within a few hours. That seems pretty simple, but how often do we thank an employee by following the golden ru

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