The Investigation

An unsafe act or unsafe condition is an indication that something is wrong in the safety management system and disciplinary action never corrects that problem. We know that many factors contribute to an incident. That’s why I don’t like using the term “root cause” because it implies only one cause. That “root cause.” As a supervisor, handing down disciplinary action was easy, it made me feel good because I took action and fixed the problem, or at least I thought I did. Hey and besides, as a supervisor, it couldn't be my fault. There was always pressure to discipline someone to show we were serious about safety. That only chips away at the trust they may have in us. Are you getting pressure f

My 10 Week Pandemic Plan

Like so many people, my work dropped off at the beginning of the lock-down. I couldn’t visit clients, conduct in-person training or workshops, or speak at functions. One client filed for bankruptcy. I lost two jobs in the last 5 years before committing to consulting work, so I am familiar with the feeling and reality of being unemployed. Its a crummy feeling, but doors always close...always. When those doors close, another opens...every time. Our goal is to position ourselves in front of the right door when it opens. To do that, we need to start by viewing any setback including this lock-down as an opportunity to reassess, learn, and grow. Second, understand it is a journey. A journey throu

COVID-19, A Change Management Approach

Did you struggle to get your employees involved in your safety program before the pandemic? If so, you might be in for a bigger challenge when they return. If you were not happy with how your safety program worked prior to the pandemic, then you have an opportunity to set a higher standard right now. Many organizations will fundamentally change as a result of the pandemic. Few organizations have experience with the changes that are now required as a result of the pandemic. New engineering controls, administrative controls, and PPE are being introduced in many work environments. These physical changes require changes in behaviors to be successful. Taking a change management approach will impr

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