Safety Seminal Moment #1

We all have those seminal moments in our career that shape the way we think about safety or our approach to safety. My first seminal moment came shortly after high school as a very young factory worker. It was also my introduction to safety. I learned that if the boss wears his PPE, I should wear mine. It came when my foreman tapped me on the shoulder and said in no uncertain terms “If I have to wear these things, you have to. Now put’em on!” He was referring to my safety glasses that didn’t fit and were more of a hindrance than a help. No, he wasn’t wearing his eye protection because he wanted to set the right example. Nor did he ask me why I was not wearing my eye protection. That seminal

Work Hard, Play Hard: 6 Success Factors for Achieving an Impossible Goal

What does it take to achieve an impossible goal? And why pursue an impossible goal? After all, by definition, it is, well...impossible. To answer the “why” question first, if you are interested to know what you are capable of achieving, then set an impossible goal. What does an impossible goal look like? Some safety and operations leaders might say achieving Zero injuries is an impossible goal. My question would be, is it a worthy goal? Will it make you better? Not just a little better, but extraordinarily better? If yes, then it’s worth achieving. I learned some lessons about achieving an impossible goal from running Spartan obstacle course races. Recently, I finished my 10th race which gav

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