Safety is Like Fishing IV

Safety is like fishing. I've been fishing this morning for almost two hours and haven't caught the first fish. It made me think of what Dale Carnegie said in his book How to Win Friend and Influence People. Carnegie said, "Selling is about influencing someone to do what you wan them to do. The only way to do that is to find out what they want and show them how to get it." Maybe that's what I should do. Find out who these fish are and what they want. For example, are they Baby Boomer fish or Millennial fish. If they are Millennial fish, they want to know that they are contributing to a greater good. They also want to know that you are investing in their success. If you expect a Millennial to

I Am Speaking at Safety 2019

I am speaking at Safety 2019 in NOLA. As a corporate safety manager and today a consultant, I work with all levels of an organization from executive leaders to hourly employees. It still amazes me to see some of the same mistakes I made as a supervisor almost 30 years ago. The use of disciplinary action and games, gimmicks and giveaways to manager safety. When we don’t provide instruction to front line supervisors and managers (including safety) on basics of managing safety and influencing behavior, they revert to what they know which usually means a command and control management style that emphasizes compliance. In addition, there are high expectations and responsibilities placed on superv

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