Safety is Like Fishing Part II

Is Production Safety’s Reel Competition? I was fishing all alone this particular morning. I could look up and down the beach and not see a soul. “Ahh, that big snook is mine,” I thought to myself. Until seemingly out of nowhere another person shows up with a rod and reel. “Ughh, I have competition!” “And not even a couple hundred feet away!” Maybe my reel (pun intended) competition is not that obvious. Just maybe the competition I need to be concerned about are all those tiny minnows that the big fish love so much. I can’t do anything about the other fisherman, but I can ensure I am using the right bait. That means understanding why big fish behave the way they do. Why they swim where they d

Gratitude for a Mentor

I don’t think he considered himself a mentor to me or anyone else. Certainly, at the time, I didn’t think of him as a mentor. Just my boss who I learned to have great respect for. Or maybe he was an unintentional mentor through his example. It doesn’t matter. He was my first supervisor as a new temp employee at Delta Air Lines and the person who gave me my first safety responsibility as a new team lead a few years later. That was long before I ever considered making safety a career. I remember that day in 1990. I had recently been promoted to team lead. I was getting off the employee bus when he literally yelled across the breezeway “Karol, you’re on the safety committee.” I remember thinkin

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