The Art of Safety Part II Safety Leadership and Culture Change

In a previous blog, I talked about the two (2) sides of safety: The technical side and the soft skills side, or as I called it, the art of safety. The technical side establishes our credibility and opens doors to conversations about hazard identification and injury prevention. The art of safety is the soft skills that help us get things done and go beyond minimum standards. It’s the skills that allow us to influence change and as a result have a larger impact on the safety culture. So, what is the art of safety? And what are the soft skills we need to have that kind of an impact? I learned the three most important things about safety early in my professional safety career. They are 1. Sellin

The Art of Safety - Safety Leadership and Culture Change

My professional and personal development plan includes attending at least one national conference and one regional conference every year. I attended Safety 2018 in San Antonio and the Georgia SHE conference in Savannah last year. I always come away more energized because I expand my technical knowledge, I get to hang out with like-minded safety leaders, met new people and renew old acquaintances. I was recently facilitating a pre-certification workshop for the Associate Safety Professional (ASP) certification. It occurred to me that there are two sides to safety and health management that are equally important. The first is the technical side. For example; calculating sling loads or noise at

Games, Gimmicks and Giveaways Part II Safety Management and Culture

Safety should be managed like any other aspect of our business by establishing goals, planning, organizing, and by holding management and supervisors accountable, yet we often feel like we must manage it differently. A key component of an effective safety management system is employee involvement. ISO 45001, ANSI Z-10, OSHA'sVoluntary Protection Program all include employee involvement elements, but what are the most effective means for getting employees involved. We have many options available that don’t involve games, gimmicks, and giveaways. We can establish safety committees or a task force, offer participation in a Job Hazard Analysis or provide advanced training. There is one option th

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