Slippery Rock University Thank You - 3 Things to Know

A great big thank you to the Slippery Rock University students in the ASSP Student Chapter for the invitation to participate in their November monthly meeting with Pam Walaski and Aaron Cameron. It was great to meet so many students who are so enthusiastic about the safety profession. As I was driving to the meeting I thought (it was a 5-hour drive, so I had plenty of time to think), what could I share with a group of college students that might help them prepare for a full-time job in the safety profession? That thought quickly became, what would I want to know if I was just entering the safety profession knowing what I know today? Here are the 3 things that I shared: Networking - The impor

What's Your Personal Safety Reputation?...It Matters!

We often make purchases based on the vendor’s reputation. A reputation that’s often spread by word of mouth. Safety works in the same way. Front-line employees often buy safety from their supervisor based on the supervisor’s personal “safety” reputation. Here are three fundamental principles to follow to build the foundation for a strong personal safety reputation: Set the example. If the PPE assessment calls for foot protection, swap out those Timberland's for a pair of steel toed shoes. Every employee knows what is important to their immediate supervisor (or the supervisor’s boss) by the example they set. Never walk past a hazard without taking action. Even for minor hazards, either elimin

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