Are You Familiar with Vector Borne Diseases?

Early this spring I learned more about vector borne diseases and the Rickettsial family of diseases than I cared to know. Vector borne diseases, more specifically tick, mosquito and flea bites are on the rise according to the Centers for Disease Control, and they are no joke! Our 13-year-old daughter spent 6 days in the hospital in April due to what the infectious disease doctors thought was Rocky Mountain Spotted fever from a tick bite. They were never certain because all tests came back negative. Since they don’t have tests for all the diseases these little creatures can carry, they were never certain. In the absence of any confirmation, a small army of specialist including cardiologists,

The Red Cross Says I'm a Hero

I gave my 57th unit of blood this week. The #RedCross says I’m a hero. You can be one too! I try to give blood four times a year because it is consistent with my profession as a safety and health consultant, but mostly because it just feels good to give. Not to mention that I feel blessed to be healthy enough to give blood. The need for blood is constant. The gratification is immediate!

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