7 Tips to Rock Your Next Presentation

Safety professionals are tasked with many responsibilities including a reduction in injury frequency and costs, lowering of severity ratings and lost work day cases, post incident problem solving, etc. In tandem the establishment of a safety culture is often informally assigned or expected. Ultimately though, safety professionals are charged with creating a safe work place. Accomplishing this formidable task requires a team with authority and experience. It is common for many safety professionals to have a small support team, if any at all. In addition, we often lack authority to mandate changes. This places a premium on our skills as an influencer to shepherd the changes and continuing to c

3 Powerful Public Speaking Tips

All l the great speakers were bad speakers once. – Ralph Waldo Emerson You’re the new operations manager and you have been asked to address the executive leadership team on last quarter’s safety performance and the strategy going forward. The meeting is next week and you have 30 minutes…an eternity in executive leader time. Are you so excited that you start immediately taking notes about your message, or are you like the rest of us and feel a bit queasy about the thought of giving a presentation in front of other people. Public speaking generally falls near the top of the list of the things we fear most, or maybe it’s really the fear of making a total “you know what” of ourselves in public.

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