5 Things the Safety Profession can Learn from the Wizard of Oz

Kristina (My 11 year old daughter): “Dad, want to watch some TV?” Me: “Sure! I’ll get the popcorn.” Kristina: “I’ll see what’s on.” Me: “Hey, it’s Thursday night. Want to watch a little footb…” Kristina: “NOOO! The Wizard of Oz is on, let’s watch that.” Me: “OK”. (Hey, if she wants to watch TV with me, I’ll watch what she wants to watch) Now, I’ve seen The Wizard of Oz about a hundred times before, but this time it was different. What was different, you ask. This time Dorothy, her dog Toto and her companions used engineering controls, various safety procedures and training, and personal protective equipment to avoid hazards and reach the Emerald City safely…well, not exactly. As much as I wo

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